Using texture to sculpt in zbrush

using texture to sculpt in zbrush

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Making Tileable Textures in ZBrush - Top ZBrush Trick
When creating or using a texture map, a 3D model needs UVs. These are 2D coordinates that tell all 3D applications how to apply a texture to your model. Hey! i painted on a model with proper uv, i would like to bring this to Zbrush and sculpt based on painting's guidelines. I model anything that interferes with the silhouette and leave to texture anything that doesn't. You can apply skin details as displacement .
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The Texture Antialias button will apply an antialias to the texture, smoothing the stair-stepping that can occur on curved edges at low resolutions. The resolution of the texture map need not be decided in advance. Rotate 90 degrees. Pressing Grad causes the current texture to be colorized with a gradient effect.